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Bill Tilley is an elected member of the Parliament since the 2006 Victorian State election

project scope

bill tilley's team asked digital marketer bee for a complete redesign and restructure of his website. the goals were to find a way to communicate what he stands for and for the website to be the support portal for his electorate.
Screenshots of the different pages on the Bill Tilley websiteScreenshot of different navigations on Bill Tilley's website


the goal for this redesign is to scrap out things that scream out blatant politics, to streamline messaging, and to make it easier for users to connect with bill. it was important to establish the sense of trust, security, and sincerity. we opted for blue as the main colour palette for the whole site because not only is it mentally soothing, it is also the known for trust and dependability.

the site was restructured and is now centred on local issues and policies, community events, and other things that would be of great help to benambra. the navigation flow was improved with related categories being grouped together and descriptions being added to each menu.

since we wanted to have a way for the users to connect with bill easier we've added a small but very important element on the site - the blue strip banner on top that says "we're here for you". this little section has bill's contact details and is present all through out the pages.
More screenshots of the different pages on the Bill Tilley Website